Napa County is Beer Country


Napa County

Craft Beer Tour Stops

The outlined area on the map shows Napa County’s craft beer region. The symbols mark the location of each craft brewery.

While visiting the great wineries of Napa County do take time to stop in at least a couple of the local craft breweries. If you haven’t before experienced the work of today’s best artisan brewers, you are in for a real treat.

The beers of Napa County range from rich and robust to light, crisp and refreshing. They pair so well with the creative, fresh local cuisine.

Napa County has great wine and beer.

Roadside wildflowers in full bloom make a shining statement just outside the now closed Silverado Brewing Company north of St. Helena.

Roses seem to be in bloom across the county including these at Sterling Vineyard.


To most of the world Napa County, California is synonymous with wine country... and with good reason. But, Napa County is also great craft beer country. It may be one of the better kept secrets in the county.

The artisan breweries of Napa Valley are mostly aligned along Highway 29. You’ll find them in the heart of prime wine-tasting territory — Calistoga and Napa. If you enjoy flavorful beverages, give these brewers a try.

No matter how good the wine is, sooner or later you need a break to rest your palate. Craft beer is a perfect way to end the day and rejuvenate your taste buds by taking them in a whole new direction..

Click below to find great local brewers in Napa County.

Calistoga Inn & Brewery in Calistoga

Downtown Joe's Brewery in Napa

Tannery Bend Beerworks in Napa

St. Clair Brown Winery & Brewery in Napa

Mad Fritz in St. Helena

Mount St. Helena rises in the background, as seen from northern Napa County.

A pond and part of the gardens at Chateau Montelena outside Calistoga.


Mixed in among the vineyards you’ll find modern craft brewing equipment.