Mendocino Brewing Company



If you are looking for authenticity and beer history, look no further. Mendocino Brewing Company is truly one of the parents of this country’s modern craft beer industry.

Back in 1983, the brewery opened as a small brewpub in Hopland and secured some of the equipment, yeast,  and the brewers from the then recently closed New Albion Brewing in Sonoma (another craft beer pioneer). Mendocino picked up the mantle of New Albion, added their own brewing smarts and magic and turned their little startup into one of the more successful American craft breweries.

The roots of Mendocino beers pierce deeply into the artisan beer bedrock. Tasting their original Red Tail Ale at the brewery pub is taking in a fantastic history in a glass. It’s a Wine Country Beer experience not to be missed.

Mendocino Brewing Company blazed its own trail courageously in the heart of Mendocino wine country. Seeing what others couldn’t see; proving that you can make a flavorful and consistent beer on a small scale and grow that into a successful business.

In the early years, being the only brewery in a wine centric region helped them maintain their focus and strive for the same type of excellence that drove local vintners like Fetzer and Parducci. In fact their original brewpub landlord was one of the Fetzers. This tended to keep the brewery close to its region’s wine heritage.

The Brews

Mendocino Brewing specializes in very drinkable, flavor rich ales. Their line up includes five full-time ales and one lager, three seasonals, and three strong beers in the Imperial Collection.

Some Mendocino favorites include:

Red Tail Ale Great malty amber ale taste with a moderate hop zing. Taste heritage dates to the early 1980s. Still a keeper. ABV 6.1%

White Hawk IPA Citrus aroma from Cascade hops. Good malt backbone. A very clean and tasty West Coast India Pale Ale. ABV 7.0%

Black Hawk Stout Rich, roasted flavor, yet smooth and not too heavy. Medium body. ABV 5.2%

Imperial Barley Wine Very aromatic, sweet dried fruit aroma and tastes. Caramel notes. Full-flavored with a bit of a sweet finish.  ABV 11.0%

The former Hopland taproom, now closed, had a friendly, down-home atmosphere provided by the rustic surroundings of the 100 year old building.

Sampler sets are sold in several quantities, so you can select the number right for you. In addition to the full-time beer line up you will find a rotating seasonal and something from the Imperial Collection.

The old Hopland Taproom included a well-stocked store for purchasing bottled beer, t-shirts and various Mendocino breweriana. The new Ale House location in Ukiah now sells a wide variety of Mendocino-branded merchandise.


CLOSED in 01/2018

Craft beer pioneers live here


The historic brewery taproom in the tiny hamlet of Hopland has closed, but a new Mendocino taproom has opened in Ukiah. Mendocino Brewing Ale House opened on June 2, 2011.  It is located in Park Falls Plaza on Airport Road in Ukiah. It’s the place to sample fresh Mendocino beers.

Taproom Hours: Opens daily at 11:00 a.m.

Taproom Address: 1252 Airport Park Blvd., Ukiah CA

Phone: (707) 467-2337

Production Brewery Address: 1601 Airport Rd., Ukiah, CA
Phone: (707) 463-2087

Tours of the production brewery in Ukiah are offered by appointment only. Plan on a two week lead time if you want to make an appointment. They offer a very informative tour often led by one of the brewers. There is no charge for tours.

Go To: Mendocino Brewing Company Web Site

An army of freshly-bottled Mendocino beers march toward the bottle conditioning room where they will mature and gain a natural carbonation over a two week period. Photo from the microbrewery in Ukiah.

Inside the fermentation room at the Ukiah brewery you will find state of the art microbrewing equipment. You will see this and whole lot more on a brewery tour.

(ABOVE) Following fermentation, the beer is filtered by the equipment on the right and pumped into the holding tanks at left. From the holding tanks the beer is sent to the bottling and kegging lines. (BELOW) This grain milling equipment is used to crush the malted barley into grist that can be used for mashing.


The craft beer flag marks the site of Mendocino Brewing Company’s new Ale House in Ukiah at Park Falls Plaza. Mendocino Brewing Co.‘s modern production brewery is located just a couple blocks south at the end of Airport Park Blvd.

A number of very good Mendocino County winery tasting rooms are also located in the Hopland and Ukiah neighborhoods.

Mendocino Brewing Company’s original location was The Hopland Brewery. It served as the brewery’s tap room until October 2010. It was housed in a 100 year old building.

The tower-like structure at the rear of the old brewpub building housed the original brewhouse. It was designed to look like a hop kiln. Kilns were used to dry the fresh hops following harvest and ready them for shipping.

The hawk theme has served Mendocino Brewing very well through the years. Eye of the Hawk is the name of their Euro-American-style Select Ale.