Mendocino County is Beer Country


Mendocino County

Craft Beer Tour Stops

At the Anderson Valley Brewery Company the Boonville bear rules the brewery store.

The symbols mark the location of each craft brewery in Mendocino County.

While visiting the great wineries in Mendocino County, don’t forget to take time to stop in at least a couple of the great craft breweries. If you haven’t before experienced the work of today’s best artisan brewers, you are in for a real treat.

The beers of Mendocino County range from dark, big and bold to light, fruity and refreshing. They pair with food as well as any other beverage.

To much of the world Mendocino County, California is synonymous with wine country... just taste their fine whites, sparklers and pinot noirs. But, Mendocino County is also great craft beer country.

The region has a rich beer history -- it was once a hop growing region and it had the first new brewpub in the California since Prohibition. The name of the Mendocino County town Hopland is evidence of a beer culture reaching back to the 1850s.

Scenic drives with first rate wineries and breweries are the big attractions. A drive through Anderson Valley and up the Pacific coast is a feast for the eyes. The winding mountain route from Fort Bragg to Ukiah is also spectacular. See the Mendocino Loop.

Several stand-out breweries are a must visit for any wine and beer lover. Select the links below to learn more about these local breweries and their brews

Anderson Valley Brewing in Boonville

North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg

Ukiah Brewing Company in Ukiah

The road out of Anderson Valley to the Pacific Ocean takes you through the scenic Navarro River Redwoods State Park.

In the town of Hopland, you will find the site of California’s first brewpub since before Prohibition, as seen in this photo. Now called the Hopland Ale House, the building is a part of craft brewing history. Note the old hop drying barn structure at rear of photo.


Anderson Valley vineyard scene.

Flowers bloom at an Anderson Valley vineyard.

Located at the wide spot of Philo, Libby’s Restaurant is an Anderson Valley tradition. Stop in for some tacos or burritos washed down with local a microbrew.

The drive from Anderson Valley to Fort Bragg includes this dramatic view of the mouth of the Navarro River at the Pacific Ocean.

Artisan brewers in Mendocino County were pioneers of the contemporary craft beer movement. Mendocino Brewing Co. has been producing craft beer for nearly 30 years now.