Lake County, California is Beer Country


While visiting the great wineries in Lake County don’t forget to take time to try the wares of a great craft brewery. If you haven’t before experienced the work of today’s best artisan brewers, you are in for a real treat.

The beers of Lake County range from rich, malty and bitter to light, crisp and refreshing. They pair with food as well as any other beverage.

Small wineries can produce world-class wine, and artisan breweries can produce world-class beer.

Lake County

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To most of the world Lake County, California is an up and coming wine country appellation... and with good reason. But, Lake County is also great beer country.

Clear Lake, which is the largest natural lake in California, is the center of Lake County’s viticultural area. With varied elevation, volcanic soils and a friendly climate, Lake County is growing some wonderful classic grape varieties.

While Lake’s modern wine industry resurfaced in the late 1960s, its brewing industry is of a more recent vintage. Though young, Mount St. Helena  Brewing Company did a superb job establishing a solid beer foothold in this wine centric region. Unfortunately, the brewery lost its brewer and ceased brewing in 2012. As of February 2015 Mount Saint Helena Brewing Co. has a new brewer and is making its own beer again.

So take the beautiful drive north up Highway 29 from Napa County to Middletown for a brewery visit, and then consider a visit on up 29 through tiny towns to Clear Lake. Take a cabin and see a few of the 18 local wineries. If you are there during harvest season, also look for their excellent local pears and English walnut

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Mount St. Helena Brewing in Middletown

Lake County, CA is Wine Beer Country